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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doggie Heaven

Our Maggie has always liked her toys. When we give her a new one she parades it around the house, hangs on to it for a couple of days, and then mostly forgets about it. 

Then we found these bacon scented balls. It was love at first scent. Now she is seldom without one of them in her mouth or by her side. 
The first one disappeared after a few days so we got a backup. Then a backup for the backup. We now have a few extras (because you never know when they will quit making them.) 

As I was thinking about Maggie and her favorite toys I thought about a friend's dog. I made him a fuzzy blanket a year or so ago and he carried it around all over the house. 

 Kenneth and his "blankie." 
All people with fur kids think they are the greatest things on earth. We buy them toys, take good care of them, and share their pictures. After I thought about doing this post two more friends posted photos of their own furry friends and their favorite toys.

One friend shared this photo of her fifteen-year-old boy. 
He gets lots of tender loving care and his special "snakey baby." 

Of course, there are always the ones who just can't make up their minds. 

Dudley and his collection. Another well-loved fur baby. 

Maggie has always been camera shy. It was quite a job getting this one. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting our special fur kids? 
Do you have a special fur kid and toy story?