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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Early American Recipes

I found this book "The Cooking Collectarium" at a local used book store and got it for my hubby for his birthday. As I went through it I found it more and more interesting and almost didn't give it to him. However, I do still get to look at it. lol

It has recipes from around the world and back through history. Just about anything you could imagine. I love to read historical fiction so finding some of the recipes for things I've read about was a treat. 

The clear plastic cover had to come off and although I tried to make a new one it didn't work out. 

My husband has Italian ancestors so the Marengo from that town in Italy where Napoleon fought one of his most important battles was interesting. (I apologize for the quality. The printer/scanner I got to replace the old one just doesn't do as good a job.)

A Flummery was one of the things that originally caught my eye. What a fun word. It is interesting, too, that I have many ancestors from Old Virginia back to the earliest settlers. An interesting thought as I write this on our nation's Independence Day. I know I had Patriot ancestors but I'm guessing there were a few Loyalists too.

Who hasn't heard of Johnny Cakes? Another early recipe from Virginia although it seems to have been all through the country. Reminds me of the time we went to a Civil War Reenactment and were given some Hard Tack. Those cracker like things are well named.

Hoe Cakes are another thing I've read about. Mostly from the south. Who would think they were actually baked on a hoe.

So there you have a few things from our ancestors and the settlers of our great nation.

Hope everyone has a very safe and happy Independence Day.