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Friday, June 23, 2017


My daughter had her birthday last week and her anniversary is this week so I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. I'm NOT mentioning years but there have been quite a few and sometimes we just need to look back and remember the little things.

When she was here in March we noticed some of her baby pictures are starting to fade. Bad developing techniques mostly. So I'm on a mission to get them scanned and dated.

Here are a few highlights from her first year on this beautiful planet.

Four days old with her great grandmother, Jennie. That lion was the first thing I bought for her. It played "This Old Man" a little song I have loved since kindergarten.

Seven days old with Nana, my mother. She doted on that baby.

"Swimfants," one of the first infant swimming classes as far as I know. Jessica was three months old. A year or so later the "team" was filmed by the television show "That's Incredible."

The same month. Sandy, a friend from high school, made that panda for Jessica. She obviously thought it was pretty special. She had it for many, many years.

This was about a month later. I don't remember the occasion but she was all dolled up for something. I'm sure her Nana bought that dress.

When Jessica was about five months old I was part of the wedding party for my cousin. This photo of our little family was taken at my aunt's house.

Not only did I ride Blaze through eight months of pregnancy Jessica got to start early on horseback. She was about seven months old. (My mother came unglued when she saw this.)

I won this "Dino" at the state fair a couple of years before Jessica was born. She naturally thought it was just for her to ride. She'd really get to going until finally his neck gave out. This was shortly after the photo above.

Jessica is about nine months here. I'm including it just because it is cute. 

 And happy first birthday. It's funny we don't have any of that furniture or those drapes. It's easy to forget how much things have changed over the years.


 Hope you've enjoyed this little trip through time. I have.

Jessica was born at 6:36 pm so on her birthday I texted her "Happy Birthday, on the dot." on that minute. She got a kick out of that.