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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Soldier Ancestors

As Memorial Day approaches I have been thinking of my ancestors who served in our country's wars. I am saddened that the Civil War memorials are being torn down. Saddened that there are people who say we should not honor the fallen on this day. Saddened by those who only see this as a three-day holiday. 

I only know of one ancestor who died during a war: Joseph Waggoner was born in 1836 and married before joining the Civil War and when he disappeared. Although I have found records of two men with that name who served for the Confederacy I don't know if either one is him. I do know he left a young son, my ancestor, Isaac Tandy Waggoner. 

Samuel Wilburn and his wife, Mary. He went off to fight in the Civil War before they were married. Thankfully he returned although at least one of his brother's died in the War. He served in Clarkson's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry, and Clark's Regiment of Missouri Infantry. He spent some time in the Rock Island, Illinois POW camp. 

John R. George was born in 1839 in what later became West Virginia. He served in Co. F, 15 Regiment of West Virginia Infantry from 1862-1864. He was captured near Richmond and spent three years in a Confederate prison. 

 James W. George's stone in Kansas. 

John Henry Covey served in Company E of the 11th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He spent much of the War guarding railroad connections. 

Other soldiers:

Reuben George fought in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in 1777 In Culpepper County, Virginia in the 10th Regiment of Virginia and served until 1783. He was in the Battles of Germantown, Brandywine, and White Marsh. 

John Roush/Rausch came from Germany. Although he didn't serve directly he lent a great deal of support to the Patriots during the Revolution. Two of his sons were reportedly with George Washington when Cornwallis surrendered. One served at the Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia (West Virginia) in 1774. 

I will be remembering these men and their fallen comrades this Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day celebration 2016, Pioneer and Military Cemeteries, Phoenix, Arizona.

"Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces."