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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Art Journals

I'm not sure when I got out of the habit of art journaling. I haven't done it consistently for a very long time . . . a couple of years, at least.

I've started some new journals but a few pages in I've given up, moved on, just quit doing it.

This was the first page of the first art journal I ever did. A bit of paint, some gesso, some magazine photos, an ink stamp, and a quote sticker. I remember thinking how fun and rewarding the experience was.

I think this page was from the same journal. More experimentation with paint and collage and more writing. The red is from another page when I forgot to put wax paper between the sheets.  

 One year I joined a group of on-line art friends and we did round robin journals. We sent our journal to another member and she did a spread in it and sent it on. Eventually we got our books back and had wonderful art from friends across the country. We chose a word or phrase that we wanted to be the theme of our journal. This was mine.

We met through another group that was doing a journal project from New York. The name of the program is The Sketchbook Project. It's kind of weird to think my journal could be there on the shelves they show on the Web site. For a few dollars you could order a specific blank journal, fill it with your own work and send it back in. People could then go to the library and browse the books and see every body's work. It was very inspiring.  

This was one of the spreads in the journal I submitted. I can't remember if there were prompts or I just did my own thing. 

Sometimes, I just do fun things like showing off a new box of crayons. I used to LOVE the smell of new crayons but I've noticed they just don't have that smell anymore. 

A few months ago I cleared my shelves of many of the art journals I'd done over the years. I kept that first one and a couple of others. Many of them I hand made which is another thing I learned to love to do over time. Either with rings like the book above or hand stitched. 

I've been missing the time with my art supplies, but so far not enough to get involved in the process again. I'll let you know if that changes.