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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Art Abandonment

I haven't done much art or crafts in a long time. I finally decided to do a couple of things for the Art Abandonment group.

Founded by Michael deMeng, owner of Michael deMeng Art, the Facebook group is based on the premise of making a piece of art and abandoning it into the world for someone to find. Members are encouraged to take a picture of "the drop" and then just move away, leaving the art completely on its own. A tag is attached so the finder can contact the group with their story.

Some of the stories shared by finders are quite heartwarming. From just having a bad day to being homeless the stories show what just a little bit of random kindness can do to help a person.

Photos of ceramics, crocheted objects, mixed-media art, journals, jewelry, and painted rocks can be found on the Facebook page and are inspiring in themselves.

Some of the photos and stories have been gathered into a book available on Amazon:


There are over 39,000 members on the Facebook page:


I abandoned these little canvases this week:

In the past I have abandoned a number of different things all the way from Arizona to Washington State.

No matter what you enjoy making, or even just want to try your hand at, join the movement and spread a little kindness.

More information about the Art Abandonment Movement: