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Friday, April 14, 2017

Around Town

I have always loved photography. I would carry a camera everywhere if it was easier. I started taking photography classes in high school and have had many cameras over the years. 

The main reason I finally went with a smart phone was so I could have a camera with me all the time. Although I'm not thrilled with the quality sometimes. 

I find that roaming around town with a camera in hand makes me more aware of the beauty 
and quirkiness of the places I visit. 

I thought it would be fun so share a few of the photos I've taken around Phoenix. 
I don't like to touch things up with Photoshop. 
To me photos should be left as taken, at least this type of photo.

So enjoy the tour!

In front of the federal building on Central Avenue.

The Irish Cultural Center.

A fun coffee shop on Seventh Avenue.

Desert Ridge Market Place.

Clarenden Hotel.

Japanese Gardens.

Japanese Gardens. 

I hope to go roam around town, camera in hand, before summer is upon us. 
There's so much to see in this beautiful city.