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Monday, March 6, 2017

Return to Tombstone

As I mentioned in the last post, our daughter and family are coming to visit next month. Our son-in-law is adamant that they go to Tombstone so we will be traveling south for a couple of days. 

The main thing I want him to see is the Gunfighter Hall of Fame. This is a relatively new attraction in the town and one I know he will find extremely interesting.

Owner, Richard Ignarski, has an amazing collection which he has arranged in wonderful display cases.

There are some great items from throughout the West including my home state of Kansas. Some of the displays include Bill Tilghman, Buckskin "Frank" Leslie, The Texas Rangers, and the Earps.

Hubby and I visited in October and Richard was wonderful at pointing out special items and telling us stories about some of them. We shared ideas on a few local history events and had fun reminiscing a bit about some people we know.

Richard is also an artist and actor. I'm sure he could add a lot more from those aspects of his life also.

See you soon, Richard.