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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Friends and Arizona History

Almost thirty years ago I put my name on the researcher list at the Arizona State Archives. I was mostly looking for genealogy clients at that point and had no idea where it would take me.

I have since worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, some filmmakers, attorneys, and quite a few authors.

Some of them have become good friends. One of those is Jeff Richardson. When we first met he lived in Alaska but he'd come down to Arizona so we had coffee a few times. He was researching the first Phoenix marshal, Enrique "Henry" Garfias.

Henry became one of the most notable lawmen in Arizona serving numerous terms as city marshal, constable, Maricopa County deputy, and US deputy marshal. He was known for always getting his man; one way or another.

Jeff and I kept in touch by email and phone calls as his research progressed.

One year he came to one of the western history events in Tombstone, Arizona. Here he is with well-known author, Leon Metz (on the left.)

Last month Jeff's book on Henry Garfias came out. It is an amazing journey through early Hispanic history in California (his father once owned the land where Pasadena and neighboring cities now stand) and Arizona. 

Jeff has a way with blending his narrative and thoughts with real accounts from documents and early newspapers. 

Published by Goose Flats Publishing in Tombstone the cover is a work of art in itself. Copies can be ordered from the publisher and through Amazon.

I will be posting more about Jeff as his visit to Arizona in the fall is finalized.