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Monday, January 23, 2017

Smiles in "True West Magazine"

Finally over the cold enough to get out a bit on my own. Second stop was Barnes & Noble so I could get extra copies of the current True West Magazine. 

I hang out there enough that many of the employees know be by name and when I went up to pay for three copies Chris commented that he had recently heard the publisher of True West is local. I was able to confirm the offices are in Cave Creek, Arizona, right on the main street. 

Of course, I then pointed out that I have a feature article in this (February) issue. 

He gave me a big smile and said something like, it's great to be a writer, but to be a published writer is even better. Yes it is. 
(Thanks, Chris.)

With around forty years experience as a genealogist I have often heard people ask about why our ancestors didn't smile. I've also heard comments during Old West events and in museums. There have been many theories over the years. 

I happened to notice a blog post by Bob Boze Bell, president of True West about those stern westerners. I commented that I happened to be working on an article about that issue and he put me "on assignment." 

It was a fun frolic through numerous web sites and a not so fun search through hundreds of photos looking for some that proved the "no smile rule" didn't always apply. 

After I submitted the article Bob blogged a few more times on the subject. Here are the links:



It has been an interesting article to write. 
I hope you all enjoy reading it too. 

I'd love to hear your comments.