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Monday, December 19, 2016

Busy Writing the Old West

My poor blog has been languishing in the background again.

However, I have been getting a lot of Old West writing done.

I had an article in the August issue of Wild West magazine about W. A. Clark who founded Clarkdale, Arizona and left his mark throughout the West. If you read the book Empty Mansions you will know about this fascinating character.

My latest article in Wild West magazine is about a hanging in Goldendale, Washington where my husband’s ancestors settled. Here’s a link to the magazine and this particular issue:
The Presby Museum and Historical Society in Goldendale, Washington. 

As a genealogist and historian I have long wondered about those somber photos in my collection. I’m not the only one, so when True West publisher, Bob Boze Bell, asked about it I happened to be researching that subject and it led to an upcoming article which he discussed on his blog:
(You can go to each link or just scroll up from the first one.)



One of my favorite family photos. Mattie and John Keith with their daughter, Dottie. When I began my genealogy I corresponded with Dottie. That was back in the 1980s.

I’ve been writing for the Tombstone Times for about eleven years. I write a monthly column about the buildings, people, and history of the historic town of Tombstone, Arizona. The publishers have archived a couple of my articles here:  

The Birdcage Theater during our visit to Tombstone in October. 

Another place I’ve been published is the historic Epitaph National Edition. The Tombstone Epitaph was first published in 1879. It has been continuously published ever since; sometimes as a weekly and sometimes a daily. The local edition is put out by the journalism students at the University of Arizona. The national edition deals with the history of the town and the Old West. They don’t have any of my articles archived but you can learn more about the paper and the museum here:

I’m working on more articles for some of these publications. My latest major project is a book based on some of my Tombstone Times articles. The deadline I set for finishing the first draft is the end of January.

Yes, by putting that out there I’m putting the pressure on myself to meet that goal.

That’s part of my excuse(?) for not keeping up the blog. I’m working on a schedule of posts on things like writing, reading, genealogy, art, travels, and whatever else might come along. Like the phone call I received last night from a distant cousin who lives near where our family first settled before the Civil War. Intrigued?