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Monday, August 8, 2016

Memories of the Manor House

I was quite surprised to receive this photo from my daughter this weekend along with the message that she had found this in an antique store

I called her and asked how much it was ($18.00) and why she was thinking about buying it, because I always thought she hated mine. 

With that lead in allow me to explain. We had one of these little planters in our home when I was growing up. I would spend hours picturing the little people who lived in that old manor. They would walk around the pond, over by the trees, then over by the waterwheel. The door is ajar and they went in and out. Stories abounded. 

When mom and I moved to Arizona it disappeared. My sister had it, as I later learned, and again I was surprised my niece did the same thing. Stories of little people who lived in the manor house. My niece was 9 years younger than me and so closer to me in many ways than my own sister. 

Meantime, I had found one in an antique store. Never knowing that my sister had it (and hated it.) I think we found a third one for my niece years or maybe my sister just said she could have the original.  

So this weekend I learned my daughter made up stories, too. She didn't buy this third (or fourth) manor house because I told her it would be hers one of these days, as long as she wasn't in too much of a hurry. 

So whatever your opinion of this vintage planter it has a history. And an interesting little side note: the three of us who grew up making up stories about the tenants of the manor house became writers. 

It's these funny little stories that make family history and memoirs so interesting. 

Ask around. Your family may have interesting little stories, too.