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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Remember When: Childhood Home

We lived in this little house from when I was about 4 until I was 12. It was a simple house, but Mom kept it spotless, even though she was often working two jobs to make ends meet. 

That 's my sister, who was ten years older, me, and Mom. Just us girls. The front windows were the living room. I don't remember those curtains. I only remember drapes. The window on the left was Mom;s room until my sister left home and Mom took the bigger room. There was no closet so my clothes were in a metal cupboard/closet. I don't know how mom kept her clothes and at one time her police uniforms in that tiny thing 

By the back door was this old filled-in well. Mom always planted it with flowers. That's our dog, Smokey. We had him from when I was about 3 until about 14. He was quite a dog. We didn't have fences so we just let him out and he roamed the streets. Mom put his food and water dishes on newspapers and we always knew when a storm was coming because he would try to push the papers up with his nose to cover his food. 

The only heat was this wall heater between the living room and the kitchen. Funny I don't remember being unusually cold. (We lived in Kansas.) I think eventually we did get a little portable heater for the bathroom but Mom warned me so much to be careful around it that I actually became afraid to have it on. 

This was my favorite spot. The old crab apple tree. It had little crab apples that never seemed to reach a point where they were good to eat. Our house is on the lift and you can see the kitchen window. I have long thought it was actually two small houses put together at some time. See the differences in the roof lines?

The well is under the tree and the yard goes back to the alley. There was a big oak tree where I had a rope swing at one time. Also a little cherry tree. 

I would get on that branch where I have my hands and see the neighborhood or watch for Mom to come home from work. 


This is my sister, Grandma Jennie, and I under the cherry tree. Funny how we took photos of blooming trees even with black-and-white film. We burned out trash in that black drum. 

 This photo is the front yard looking across the street. Nobody had fences so when all the neighborhood kids got together we could go from yard to hard and had a huge play area. For the most part we met at the corner house for hide-and-seek, tag, and catching lightning bugs. 

I hadn't really thought about pulling the house and yard together through photos before but I'm glad I did. I think with more time I could do even more. (My photos aren't exactly organized.)

I once drew a map of the house which I'll share another time. I don't have it scanned. 

What can you pull together? Have you tried drawing a map?