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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Remember When: The Greats

A few months ago a cousin on my mother's side started a "secret" Facebook page for the 
cousins on that line. I've been busy posting photographs as have others. 

It has been a great chance to get to share memories and to catch up on some of those that are 
far away or in the next generation. 

Today I posted this photo of my gr. gr.grandfather Francis Marion Martin and my gr. grandfather William Albert "Bert" Martin. Frank was born in Ohio in 1844. He lived in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kansas and Oregon where he died in 1925. Bert was born in Wisconsin in 1876 and died in Los Angeles in 1952. He left when grandma was young and she didn't see him again until he was very old. He was married at least 3 or 4 times. 

We have visited both of their graves. I was very disappointed that Frank didn't have a headstone although he is buried near his daughter and her family. 

The next greats are Salenia Alzadie (Freeman) Waggoner who was born in 1870 in Arkansas and died in the same state in 1948. Her husband was Isaac Tandy Waggoner who was born in 1864 in Tennessee and died in Arkansas in 1949. Isaac's father was a Civil War soldier and either died or disappeared during the War. His mother went on to marry again and live to a ripe old age as the saying goes. Salenia and Isaac were my great grandparents on my father's side.

After I became involved in the Facebook page on mother's family I decided to start one for my father's side of the family. I never knew my dad and haven't been in touch with most of the family so it is slower getting started because I don't have the contacts. I hope it will expand and grow so we can become acquainted.

A cousin on Daddy's side was here last week and we had lunch together, twice. One day we sat in 5&Diner going through a box of old family photos as she tried to help me identify and learn about those people. We've gone from not knowing each other to becoming friends.

Linda and I last week. 

Think about gathering your family through a secret FB page. Only those you invite and who join will see the posts. Reconnect with your family and share photos and memories. Don't them fade away in a box some where.