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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Remember When: Cowboy Love

I grew up watching all the television westerns: The Legend of Wyatt Earp, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Cheyenne, The Man From Shenandoah, Rifleman . . .  Well, you get the idea.

I still love Westerns, Cowboys, and the Old West. So do many of my friends. Some of those on Facebook have been posting photos from their childhood of the western outfits we all cherished.

My sister got me my outfit complete with black boots and hat. We never went for the frilly stuff so my duds weren't the Dale Evans style with the little skirt. I remember wearing the outfit to a rodeo with my sister and her date. Later we were walking through town and I had a very big blister which caused a limp. He called me "Chester" all evening. (You have to be one of those who watched those westerns listed above to understand that one.)

Here are the only photos I have from a fishing trip with my Mom and of her men friends. I don't remember anything about him, but I'm thankful for the photos.

I believe we were at the old sandpit outside of Great Bend, Kansas. Perhaps some of my friends from that area will be able to tell.

We did pretty good that day. It must have been a long one, I can feel how tired I was just from looking at this photo. Wind has always tired me out and it looks like we had a lot of the old Kansas wind that day.

Another story from the sandpit.

I was there with my sister and her girlfriend. They were sitting on a blanket talking and admonished me over and over to stay where it was shallow. I did, but a boat went by too close and pulled me out over my head. I managed to push myself up and could see them sitting up there talking but I was afraid if I yelled Betty would be mad at me. So I paddled my way back down and crawled a ways. Then pushed myself up to get air, then back down again. I finally found the ledge I had been pulled from and got up onto my feet and on to shore. I remember making my way to the blanket and lying down totally exhausted.

I don't think Better ever knew what happened that day.

Lots of memories here. Do you have memories of the television westerns? Fishing? Or perhaps nearly drowning?

Write them down and share a bit of your memory here.