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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time Flies

We all comment about how time flies, the weeks, the months, and then the years. It seems to fly even more for me when I realize I've gotten out of the habit of posting to my blog.

I do have a good excuse. Kind of. I've been really busy working on western history articles for four different publications. Some of them take hours and hours of research. Especially if I get diverted into other channels and make notes for future article ideas.

That is all for a future post.

I'm happy to say that we finally got out of town for three days to one of my favorite little places: Pioche, Nevada.

I discovered Pioche during one of my driving trips to Washington State and fell in love immediately. I've stopped on other trips but only for an overnight rest. I've told Doug so much about it he wanted to go too. It's hard for him to get any time off from work but we managed a three day weekend and off we went.

Pioche was founded after a silver strike in 1863. From 1870 to 1877 more than $20 million of ore was mined. It became the Lincoln County seat when that county was formed. The name was named after it's founder, F. L. A. Pioche

The highway passes this beautiful wildlife area that goes on for a couple of miles at least. As you can see the area is desolate and dry, part of the Great Basin, so the water is nice to see.

We stayed at the Overland Hotel. A wonderful old place which was featured in a "Ghost Adventures" episode a few years ago. It was built in 1948. 

We had a lovely suite which we hadn't even realized when we made the reservations. 
My only complaints about this place is it is over the bar and smoking is allowed in Nevada. 
Also the stairs are rather steep. 

The view is interesting for old building buffs like us. I don't know what that first building was but next to it is the Gem Movie Theater, now closed. On the other side of that is the Thompson Opera House which we toured and enjoyed. It has been refurbished and they have various programs throughout the year. 

Pioche has two hotels, two museums, a few shops, one restaurant, and kind of a coffee shop/cafe. 
We had all our meals at the restaurant. Of course Flat Stanley joined us. 

The Million Dollar courthouse was started in 1871. It was originally supposed to cost $26,400 but because of graft, political corruption, and delayed payments the cost grew to almost one million dollars. By the time it was paid off in 1936 a new courthouse was needed. 

Those who saw that episode of "Ghost Adventures" may remember Zak sitting on this bench in front of the courthouse. See Flat Stanley waving from the back of the bench? 

Flat Stanley visited the jail behind the building.

 Next door is the Old Mountain View Hotel built in 1895. It is now closed and run down 
as most of the old part of town. 

Pioche claims 72 men were killed violently before one died of natural causes making it one of the deadliest towns in the west. Here's part of the old Boot Hill Cemetery with the ore tram overhead.

 While driving around the outskirts we found a street with a very special name. 

 Main Street.

Inside the Thompson Opera House. The ground floor was a merchantile with cold storage reached by ore car.

We took one little side trip to the Cathedral Gorge State Park. Actually we found it by accident and it was late in the day so we didn't go in but saw some of the scenery.

 The Lincoln County Museum is full of amazing items donated or loaned by local families. It is a mile high so the weather was nice except for the wind that plagued Arizona and Nevada that weekend.
A restful, if busy, weekend. The people of Pioche are friendly and the pace slow. 
A wonderful retreat from the city and modern day.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Collection of Owls

I've been busy working on a client projects, and researching and writing articles.
It takes a lot out of me, but I hate to miss doing my blog.

So this time I thought I'd quickly share a few of my owls. 

Most have been gifts. 

The first one I found at a retro store in downtown Phoenix. Can't remember the name. I tried putting a rosemary plant in it for my desk but it died. Not sure what else to do with it. I don't want to drink from it because I'm too afraid it will break. 

This one was a gift. He's furry feeling. I think he was an ornament. 

Found this one at a discount store in Washington State. 
My grandson picked it out. 

My friend's daughter gave me the pink one, just because. 
When they had to move to a smaller place her mom gave me the others. 
I may share them with my grandsons. Or not.

And of course one of the quirky birds. The birdcage was a stamp I put on 
the page long before I decided what bird to draw. Usually I paint over the stamps if they 
get in the say. this one seemed to need to stay there. 

I also have a hedgehog collection and there are various other things around like 
fairies that my sister was always sending me. Oh and a Winnie-The-Pooh collection.

Guess I should get the camera out again.

It's funny how these things have grown over the years. 
I don't actively collect anything any more, don't have the energy to dust them all.
I do treasure all the things I already have.

What collections do you have?