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Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mother would be 93 years old today. It's hard to imagine since she died so young. 
Here she is with her mother on one of those wonderful porches from that time period.

Mom never talked about growing up. She was the oldest of six children and a lot of responsibility was put on her shoulders at a young age. 

I am happy to have her high school yearbook. I was on the yearbooks staff in high school and college so they are extra important to me. 

 I met a lady here in Arizona who's father is also on this page of the yearbook. Such a small world.
Mom made notes for each of the people, what happened to them. Another sign of the times that most of the men went into the service.

My dad went into the service after they were married and my sister came along. 

Mom had a very tough life as a divorcee in the '50s. We lived in a small town where most everybody knew everybody else's business. We lived in this small house for all of my grade school years.
(My sister on left, me, Mom on the right). Mom sometimes worked two jobs.

She was cleaning offices at one point and I remember going with her some evenings. That is where I almost learned the hard way about that metal nail files and electricity don't mix. Mom caught me just in time.

Mom has been gone for almost twenty-six years. I don't remember her voice. I do remember her singing "Jesus Loves Me" as she spread Vicks on my chest when I was sick. She was an amazing cook. Grandma once said nobody in the family could make French Knots like she could. She was a hard worker and always had an immaculate home. I miss you Mom.

Happy Birthday.