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Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun With Quirky Birds

My friends on FB and a few I've seen in person have been introduced to my quirky birds based on an online class I'm taking.

I am completely addicted to these birds. Not just because they are birds, including owls, but because they are fun and relaxing to do.

Materials include watercolor paper, cheap craft paints, stencils and spray inks, stamps, clear Gesso, markers, gel pens, paint pens, and Neocolor II crayons. All things I had on hand. I did go buy a big sheet of paper because I thought it would be easier to work with. I have plenty left to make many more. (I've already started on Quirky Birds II and I'm thinking about doing a Quirky Zoo.)

The folded book is about 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 and unfolded it is 30 1/2 long. I've loved working with the accordion fold style.
Quirky Birds class with Tam LaPorte at Willowing

I put various stamps on the background. When I drew the bird on the right above his/her head came right up into the flower. I didn't even notice it until I started painting. A truly fun bit of serendipity.

Some are "copies" of Tam's as I followed her class and others are ideas taken 
from drawings I saw on the internet. 

The reason I am thinking about a quirky zoo is when I would Google "funny bird drawings" there would be lots of great birds, but also giraffes, horses and a camels. So why not?

The gentleman bird is my hubby's favorite. 

The Quirky Bird class is here. Tam has lots of other classes and does some free videos. Let me know if you decide to take a class or do something similar. Guaranteed stress relief. 

Have a fun, Quirky, day.