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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cousins, Remember When . . .

A couple of things have been said recently which spurred this blog post. First a devoted reader reminded me of my "remember when . . . " series. Her mother has been working on the prompts.
Isn't that wonderful? I hope she shares some of the stories with us some day.

Secondly, my cousin, Kaylee, wants to get together and write-up and compare the family stories we were told by older family members. Eventually we want to share with the rest of the family.
She's checking with her children on ways to do this through the Internet. 
(My only thought is DropBox which I've never had much luck with.)

So, that spurred me to share some photos of us growing up.

Here we are around December 1960. Kaylee is the cute blonde. 
That was her tea set and I always loved it. This was taken in our grandparent's house in Kansas.

There isn't a date on this one. That is my sister, Betty, me, Grandma Jennie, 
and Kaylee. I'm not sure where this is but I'm sure it was Kansas. 

And then there is Kaylee's older brother, Dean and I. He is one year older than me
and is the only one who still lives in Kansas. 

Please no comments on my hair. Mom was always cutting or curling and, 
I think, thinking a few choice words because my hair was so fine and thin. 

So there you are, Kaylee. 
What are some of your cousin memories?