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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


For Christmas I made a blanket for my dog, Maggie. It is from a very soft, fuzzy fabric I found at JoAnn's. It has "goodies" and paw prints all over it. She seems to like it, but she's one of those dogs that always aims to please so sometimes I wonder.

One thing Maggie doesn't like is cameras. It is really hard to get her photo because as soon as she sees a camera she gets all worried.

I kind of snuck up on her for this one. It just doesn't show her beautiful eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided Maggie needed a pillow so I went back and got some more fabric and made her a little pillow. At first she thought it was a toy and ran around the house with it. I told her no, firmly, and she has been fine since.

Well, with the extra fabric I just had to make a small blanket for my friend's dog, Kenneth. Kenneth and I have been buddies since the first time I met him. He has a bow tie so sometimes I call him Sir K. When I visit he sits by me, or in my lap, and grins. He is so cute.

So my friend sent me some photos of him with his new blanket. She said he carries it around the house and she uses it to show him his spot on the couch.

Isn't he a cutie? 

So we've had some fun times with our dogs and their blankies. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


My father-in-law, Frank, passed away on Saturday. Not only was Frank loved by all, he was a hero to us all. 

Frank started flying when a very young man and joined the Army Air Corpse in 1947. From there he joined the USAF Aviation Cadet Program in 1949. He graduated in 1950, just two days before the start of the Korean War. He flew 101 combat missions over North Korea, Russia, and China. After retiring from the Air Force Frank was an airline pilot instructor for 30 years. 

Frank is standing in this photo.

Hubby, daughter (Jessica), and Frank about 1985. 

Brother and sister-in-law, with hubby and Jessica. 

Jessica especially loved and admired her Grandpa Frank. She decided to follow in his footsteps around thirteen-years-old and stuck with it until graduation. Here she is the day she left for boot camp.

Sadly, things didn't work out because of some health issues, but she looks back on that time as a great experience. A recruit had recently passed out and died in the heat and dust of Texas and they were overly cautious when she started having some breathing issues and decided she had asthma. She didn't, but you don't argue with the Air Force.

Frank's wit and wisdom will always be with us as will his strong spirit. I'm glad Jessica grew up with such a strong hero.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm Back . . . Reading Goals

Again keeping up with this blog has fallen by the wayside. Time and life slipped by. 

I have been dong a lot of reading. According to the Goodread's challenge my goal was 65 books and I actually read 73. It is fun keeping track and looking back on the books I've read this year. Especially with my limited memory. lol 

Some of the books were for my book discussion group at Barnes & Noble and others suggested by other readers or caught my eye on a shelf or sale table somewhere. 

I also took on this challenge in April so I didn't have the whole year. It was a challenge just to figure out what books would fit each of the categories. Did you know Goodreads has lists of books that were published the year you were born, a list of banned books, and well, all the categories on this list. 

It is very interesting. 

Do you have reading goals this year? 
I left my Goodreads Challenge at 65. I'm on number three. 

There's nothing better than a good book, some hot tea, and a bit of chocolate.