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Monday, October 19, 2015

Birthday Thoughts

I haven't sat at Starbucks just to write in a long time. Here I am with my free birthday large hot chai and some time to write.

I feel like I should be reflecting on my life and dreams, but I really don't have any thoughts along those lines. I have been thinking about my childhood. So I thought it appropriate to share some photos:

This was the house I spent most of my childhood in. It was small, but it still seems like home. For many years my sister and I had to share a bedroom. She was ten years older and got married when I was ten so I then had my own room for awhile. That is Smokey. He was a present from our dad before he left. We had him for many years after that. 

This was my elementary school. Sadly it has since been torn down. I walked about three blocks to get there and, yes, I had to walk in the snow. My favorite teacher was Mr. Ramsey in sixth grade. He was wonderful.

This was the city building. My mother worked there for many years as dispatcher for the police/fire departments. I loved to go visit her. The waiting room had wood floors and a wood bench where I often sat.

Mom is the lady standing. I loved her uniform and grew up wanting to be a police officer. It wasn't until well into high school I realized I just didn't have the temperament.

I'm pretty sure this was second grade. I lived with my grandparents and went to school in another town that year. Thus no pin curls. I think every other year I did have pin curls and I hated them. 

This was the church we attended for many years. My great uncle Bill was the minister. That's him and Aunt Ruby in the back. I'm the girl on the end in the second row, with the pin curls. 

 My favorite place to visit was Boot Hill in Dodge City. My grandparents and another aunt and uncle lived in that area. We had even lived there for a very short time when my sister was young. I was very sad to visit many years later and find they had enclosed the whole thing and changed most of it. When I was little you could just walk in and go through all the exhibits. I loved sarsaparilla.

So there's a very short outline of my early years. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I have enjoyed reminiscences.