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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Love You, Arizona

 The official balladeer of Arizona, Dolan Ellis, has a song titled, "I Love You, Arizona." Is is a fun song about lizards and the beauty and diversity of this state.

I was reminded of this while sorting through some old photos. Here's a tour of Arizona and my memory land:

Montezuma Castle taken in the early 1970s.

Zane Grey's Cabin taken around 1981. This was the original which has since burned down. There is now a replica in Payson.

The tallest three-story building in the world. The old Elks building in Globe, Arizona. The story is there were left over bricks so the contractor just kept going. It was built in 1910.

A model of the Bird Cage Theatre in the Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, Arizona. I took this during my dollhouse/miniature phase, but I still think it's cool. Built in 1881 it is now a world famous museum.

Taliesin West, built by Frank Lloyd Wright and home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is in north Scottsdale. It is an amazing place where artists still live and display their work.

The House of Joy is located in the old mining town of Jerome. It is first a brothel and then a restaurant. Now a shop called the Brothel Botique.

The Superstition Mountains in the 1970s. Home to numerous legends including the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Many have lost their lives in the treacherous terrain.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour.

Sometimes we just have to be reminded how wonderful our own backyard can be. I know people who live here who have never seen many of these places. I feel lucky I have.

Others I've seen are:

The Grand Canyon
San Xavier
Sedona and Red Rocks
BioSphere 2
Pima Air and Space Museum

Here are a few I still want to see:

Kitt Peak Nationa Observatory
Meteor Crater
The Painted Desert
Mount Lemon
Lake Havasu and the London Bridge
Lowell Observatory
The Butterfly Wonderland
Yuma Prison