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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Days One and Two

I'm sitting in Bliss, Idaho, which isn't. It's just a couple of hotels, a market/cafe and a few other things. People must have loved it here once.

It's been a very long and hot two days. It seems that traffic has been heavier 
and slower than usual. I have made a few quick stops for photos so here's a brief tour.

Flat Stanley near Kingman, Arizona the home of actor Andy Devine.

The view from most of the way through Arizona and Nevada.
The long and dusty road. 

The view above was on the west side of the road north of Las Vegas and the view below was on the east. So amazing how the road, known as the Great Basin Highway is so different on each side. Makes me wish I knew more about geology. 

Of course, there was road construction. I sat staring at the back of this truck for about 20 minutes. We were on the northern end of Caliente, Nevada. At one point an ambulance and police cruiser tried to get around us and on up the highway. The ambulance made it, but the cruiser had a hard time because that was just when the pilot car brought the long line of cars from the other end.

The police car made it through and then when we got just a couple of miles north they were coming back with no lights so thankfully it wasn't a big emergency.

Now imagine this. I was five or six cars back in the line following the pilot car. The road was all gravel ready to be paved and that went on for many miles. (One of these days I will remember to make note of exact times and distances in these circumstances.) Anyway, just a little ways along we passed a few trucks and a couple of construction guys standing around talking. There wasn't any  other equipment on the highway and nothing being done. 

Se we go along following the pilot car like a train first on the right lane and then swerving over to the left lane. I could see the train following far behind. After awhile the pilot car would go back to the right lane and the train would follow. He did that about eight times before we got to where he turned around and we were allowed to find our own way along the newly paved highway. 

As we passed the pilot car I looked right at the driver and raised my hands like "What the heck?" I'm sure he saw me but I couldn't see him. I really think he was just having fun with us. 

It brought home to me how programmed we are. Just follow the leader. 

I finally made it to the old mining town of Pioche, Nevada and the haunted Overland Hotel. (For more about that look for the past episode of "Ghost Adventures.")

I had the same room I had before with this fake head on the wall. I thought Flat Stanley 
should have his photo taken again. 

I also took a photo of my other traveling companions. My key chain owls.

For some reason my left ankle swelled up so I didn't do much walking around town. I did 
find this cool rock house back behind the hotel. 

It's hard to imagine a whole family living there. 

Just into Idaho I passed this amazing scene. I couldn't get close enough to get a decent 
photo but there is a large lake and a number of waterfalls. This is at 1000 Springs Resort. 
The resort itself seemed to be pretty much closed down.

So here I am a few miles from that beautiful site in Bliss, Idaho. There is a lot of smoke 
from some of the wildfires. Tomorrow I will cross into Oregon and head north to central 
Washington. The fires there are really bad and my family can't even go outside. 

Who knows what adventures lie ahead. Thank you for joining me along the way.