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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Coloring and Claiming Space

I'm still working my way through the adult coloring book I found in the magazine section at Barnes & Noble. 

I decided to try watercolors and pulled out my KOI travel set.

The main thing I have learned is that this paper doesn't take to water very well. So if you go looking for a coloring book and want to use watercolors or watercolor pencils check that the paper is made for that medium.

I also used my InkTense pencils. They are made for water but I thought I'd try them dry. They did okay and really are intense. The problem I've always had with them is the tips and the colored ends don't portray the color you will get on the paper; wet or dry. 

Some of my InkTense pencils.

So, I will be going back to my Prismacolor pencils for this particular book. 

In the meantime, I have been looking for a very narrow shelf thing to hang between the door and the shower in our bathroom. I finally found one on the sale rack at Michael's. Since I have other sewing notions displayed around the room I started finding fun things to put in the little shelf. 

Imagine my surprise when 
Doug decided to claim a space on the shelf with one of his little jeeps. 

He said he was looking around the house and realized everything is feminine so he wanted to put something of his up. Actually it looks kind of cute. He also tried to fit one of his antique oil cans - a little one that might actually have been for sewing machines - but it didn't fit. 

In case somebody is wondering, those red and blue things are for threading needles. The needle goes in a little hole and the thread through a slit. When the button is pushed the thread is pushed through the needle. Handy-Dandy. 

What are some little things that made you smile this week?