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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Memories in the Mountains

Saturday Doug and I drove up to the Globe/Miami area in the mountains east of Phoenix. It was a beautiful day if a bit warmer than we expected.

Doug has three or four generations who lived in that area which is full of history in its own right.

Globe was a silver/copper mining town and the county seat. Two state governors were from Globe along with other notables.

Doug's grandparents. 

His maternal great-grandmother. Lucy was born in Washington near where our daughter now lives.

We stopped at the El Rey Mexican Restaurant in Miami. It is right across the street from the pool where Doug often went as a child. Up on the hill the white house to the left of the blue one was his grandparent's house. He has so many memories of the house and falling down the hill. 

At the bottom of the hill are the railroad tracks. Granny hated him being down there and she caught him down there one day throwing rocks at a centipede. She told him he better watch out because centipedes will throw rocks back at him. He still avoids centipedes. 

Many family events occurred in this church, including Doug's baptism.
It is a beautiful old building.

Down in the old Miami shopping district we passed the old Franco Furniture Store. The yellow building on the left. It is so sad that most of the buildings are empty. The loss of mining and the economy has hit this little town very hard.

The store took the blue and yellow buildings in this photo. 

The Gila County Courthouse in Globe is now an arts center. The family would have visited this building many times for deeds, registrations, and other important documents. Doug's Grandpa Franco was the Miami mayor so he would have had many reasons to visit the county courthouse. 

We had a great day of being together, sharing memories, a good lunch, and learning history. 

The best part of the digital age, for me, is being able to take photos of everything. 
They will be special to our descendants.