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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Long Lost Friends

Sometimes I wonder what happened to the kids I knew growing up. Other times I see photos like this one and wonder who that other girl is. This appears to have been taken in my grandparent's home town so I was only visiting. (I'm the one on the right in case anybody is wondering.)

Then there are life-long friends even though time has taken us to opposite sides of the country. This is my friend Lydia (on left) and I when we both still lived in Kansas. This is at the Long Branch Saloon at Dodge City's Boot Hill. We were around 13 at this time.

Stepping back in time, this photo was at our church. I'm the little girl in the middle peeking over the head of the little boy in suspenders. In the middle of the top row you can see my sister's head as she tries to hide behind another young man. Just that tells you about our personalities, doesn't it? BTW, Mom is in the back right-hand corner. I don't remember any of the other people.

And last, but not least, is a photo of my high school graduation. I can a few familiar faces and some I'm even still in touch with. Facebook has made a difference in those connections and I think is its main good point.

I often wish I had the time and energy to get all the photos scanned and identified. Then to try and find some of the people who have been lost along the way.

I suppose this is a start.