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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Memories in the Background

This is my grandfather: Cecil Covey. He had a single chair barber shop in the tiny Kansas town I was born in. This photo caught my eye today because I wanted to study the things around him.

My grandparents lived in the same town for as long as I've been around but they did live in a few different houses. I'm not sure which one this is. 

He loved pickled pigs feet and I remember him standing there with the fridge door open as he pulled one out of the jar. I see them in the store every so often but I haven't talked myself in to trying them. lol

He always wore a white shirt and suit to work or for outings but when at home or heading out to the local fishing hole he wore overalls. Overalls always make me smile. 

As for the picture itself although there are many items in the background the only one that really stands out is the mustache man plate. There was a matching woman. I wonder what happened to those plates. I can see a corner of the metal breadbox. I wish I could remember what color it was. Most of the ones I see in antique stores are turquoise. 

When looking at family photos always pay attention to the background. There are so many memories hiding out in the space around the people being photographed, 

Even more important is to write those memories down somewhere and link to the photo. Some day our kids and grand kids will appreciate our efforts.