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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

At The Movies

This was/is the theater in the town I grew up in. This photo was taken during a visit in 1990 many years after we moved to Arizona. I was in Great Bend one other time after we moved. That was 1969. I'm so glad I thought to take a lot of photos when I was there.

This theater was the classic style with the red plush seats and a balcony which was a favorite place to be as I got older. I saw Disney's "Snow White" and "Bambi" in this building.

I remember going to see "The Greatest Story Ever Told" with my mother. I still picture that actor's face on the big screen when I think of Jesus. So many beautiful scenes.

They also had various programs for the kids. The only one I remember was a magician with a cute little dog. He called some children up from the audience and asked them some questions as the dog sat up in front of him. The dog straightened his front legs to answer "yes" or "no." I was devastated when he told us he had talked to the kids before the show and he was pushing on the dog's elbows to make him give the answers.

Magicians should not give things like that away to young kids. It can alter their whole outlook on life. Well, at least their view of magicians. It surely says something when that is the only program I remember.

From what I understand the theater has been refurbished and is now used for local acting groups and such. There is a mall on the other side of town with mega theaters. Or maybe more than one by now. All we had was the downtown area around the county courthouse and the Crest Theater. I think we were the lucky ones. (And the drive-in theater which will be another post.)

What movie memories do you have from your childhood?