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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Tribute

Today I'm missing Mom. She passed away on May 6, 1990 at age 67. My daughter is on her way to Oklahoma to visit her paternal grandfather and will stop in Kansas to visit with Mom and my brother.

Jackie Lynn was born before me and only lived a few days. They are together in Kansas.

This is Mom as a girl. I wonder what she thought of her hairstyle. She was always curling mine.

Here she is with curled hair. I didn't have enough to curl which I imagine drove her a bit crazy.
After my father left Mom worked for the Great Bend, Kansas police department for many years. I was always so awed by her uniform and always wanted to become a policewoman. Didn't work out but I still admire women and men in uniform.

Mom's happiest moments were with her family and the grand kids were top of the list. This is Mom and my daughter.

 And one last photo of Mom, my sister and I. Others think I look like Mom but I don't see it although I did have her hairstyle here.

What do I remember most about my Mom?
An amazing cook
Hard worker
Loved the holidays - and family
Took great pains to always look nice
Loved flowers and gardening
Favorite color was orange
Favorite performer was Eddy Arnold - played his records constantly
Loved It's a Small World at Disneyland

Thank you, Mom, for all the wonderful memories.
I miss you.