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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

At The Movies

This was/is the theater in the town I grew up in. This photo was taken during a visit in 1990 many years after we moved to Arizona. I was in Great Bend one other time after we moved. That was 1969. I'm so glad I thought to take a lot of photos when I was there.

This theater was the classic style with the red plush seats and a balcony which was a favorite place to be as I got older. I saw Disney's "Snow White" and "Bambi" in this building.

I remember going to see "The Greatest Story Ever Told" with my mother. I still picture that actor's face on the big screen when I think of Jesus. So many beautiful scenes.

They also had various programs for the kids. The only one I remember was a magician with a cute little dog. He called some children up from the audience and asked them some questions as the dog sat up in front of him. The dog straightened his front legs to answer "yes" or "no." I was devastated when he told us he had talked to the kids before the show and he was pushing on the dog's elbows to make him give the answers.

Magicians should not give things like that away to young kids. It can alter their whole outlook on life. Well, at least their view of magicians. It surely says something when that is the only program I remember.

From what I understand the theater has been refurbished and is now used for local acting groups and such. There is a mall on the other side of town with mega theaters. Or maybe more than one by now. All we had was the downtown area around the county courthouse and the Crest Theater. I think we were the lucky ones. (And the drive-in theater which will be another post.)

What movie memories do you have from your childhood?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Memories in the Background

This is my grandfather: Cecil Covey. He had a single chair barber shop in the tiny Kansas town I was born in. This photo caught my eye today because I wanted to study the things around him.

My grandparents lived in the same town for as long as I've been around but they did live in a few different houses. I'm not sure which one this is. 

He loved pickled pigs feet and I remember him standing there with the fridge door open as he pulled one out of the jar. I see them in the store every so often but I haven't talked myself in to trying them. lol

He always wore a white shirt and suit to work or for outings but when at home or heading out to the local fishing hole he wore overalls. Overalls always make me smile. 

As for the picture itself although there are many items in the background the only one that really stands out is the mustache man plate. There was a matching woman. I wonder what happened to those plates. I can see a corner of the metal breadbox. I wish I could remember what color it was. Most of the ones I see in antique stores are turquoise. 

When looking at family photos always pay attention to the background. There are so many memories hiding out in the space around the people being photographed, 

Even more important is to write those memories down somewhere and link to the photo. Some day our kids and grand kids will appreciate our efforts. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Movie Experience

Back in 2002/03 a friend was working for an agency that cast local talent for movies, television, and whatever else came along. One day she asked me if I wanted to do an infomercial that actually paid.

I learned a lot that day. Infomercials aren't what they seem. Filming for a full day and listening to a guy give his talk over and over is BORING. Of course, you have to appear attentive at all times. Don't move when the camera comes near you because they may hit you in the head.

No, I don't remember who the guy was or even what the infomercial was about. I never saw it.

Another time she called and asked if I wanted to do a walk-on for a movie. No pay. Sure, I said. I'm always open to new experiences. We were supposed to be people in downtown Phoenix walking along while the star sat on the side of the street and played his guitar.

I dressed in a nice blue dress and flats (thank heavens). There were about eight of us that walked up and down the street as the director, Susan, got the shots. After awhile my feet were killing me and I was sure the little rocks on the sidewalk were going to come up through the soles of my shoes.

But it was interesting. There were some serious actors there and little ol' me who didn't have a clue but I guess I did okay. I think my mouth dropped when one of the men flipped out his compact. Serious actor.

The movie was finally released and Hubby and I went to the theater in Tempe to see it. I had no idea what it was about and was somewhat aghast when one of the opening scenes had some nudity. Oh dear. We watched and watched and finally near the end of the movie there I was. Blue dress and all. It's amazing how different you look and feel on the big screen.

As we were leaving the theater we ran into Susan and I went up and reminded her I was the "lady in blue." She started laughing and gave me a big hug. I may not have my name on the credits but I did stand out. lol

So "Greasewood Flat" won a few awards and eventually we got our DVD of it. It is somewhere in the shelves of Hubby's collection. As time went on I more or less forgot about it until there was a bunch of hype about the restaurant where it was filmed.

Greasewood Flat was a restaurant in north Scottsdale with a local following and many memories for many people. It closed a few weeks ago and somehow my husband got me a movie poster for Mother's Day.

Cindi had to give up her job with the agency because of health problems but she had a great time up in Superior, Arizona with the filming of "Eight-Legged Freaks."

In the excitement of receiving the poster I posted it on FB and quite a few people commented. Sure, I have lots of friends who have been in movies and on television but it's still fun to have my little moment on camera.

You can see the "Greasewood Flat" movie trailer and apparently watch it through Amazon.com. We aren't signed up for that one.

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Tribute

Today I'm missing Mom. She passed away on May 6, 1990 at age 67. My daughter is on her way to Oklahoma to visit her paternal grandfather and will stop in Kansas to visit with Mom and my brother.

Jackie Lynn was born before me and only lived a few days. They are together in Kansas.

This is Mom as a girl. I wonder what she thought of her hairstyle. She was always curling mine.

Here she is with curled hair. I didn't have enough to curl which I imagine drove her a bit crazy.
After my father left Mom worked for the Great Bend, Kansas police department for many years. I was always so awed by her uniform and always wanted to become a policewoman. Didn't work out but I still admire women and men in uniform.

Mom's happiest moments were with her family and the grand kids were top of the list. This is Mom and my daughter.

 And one last photo of Mom, my sister and I. Others think I look like Mom but I don't see it although I did have her hairstyle here.

What do I remember most about my Mom?
An amazing cook
Hard worker
Loved the holidays - and family
Took great pains to always look nice
Loved flowers and gardening
Favorite color was orange
Favorite performer was Eddy Arnold - played his records constantly
Loved It's a Small World at Disneyland

Thank you, Mom, for all the wonderful memories.
I miss you.