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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Playing With Dolls

It's so fun to see these photos of my mother and her sister playing with their dolls. 
Do little girls even play like this anymore? 

They seemed to always have their babies. And since my mother was the eldest of six she was able to take care of real babies.

 None of these dolls, as far as I know, survived. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have one of those dolls?
I do have some of my dolls and one of my daughter's.

Little girls pretended to be like the adults around them. Can you imagine what the conversation over that little tea table were like? Perhaps my mother was saying her child in the buggy had kept her up all night. My aunt might have commiserated and then talked about the three children by her side. (Or the other way around.) I'm not sure which is which.

Spend time with your family photos. Use your imagination to get to know those people in other times.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jennie and Nellie

This is my grandmother, Jennie, and her mother, Nellie. There are no dates but I'm guessing around 1915. That would put Jennie at about 12. I've never been good at judging ages.

They lived in southwestern Kansas either in Meade, the county seat, or Fowler a smaller town nearby. Nellie's husband had deserted them a year or so before and so Nellie was left to support her daughter on her own. I asked Jennie once for a few words to describe her mother. I don't know where those notes are but I remember her saying "strong" and "determined."

Nellie was born in Illinois in 1878 and took a wagon train with her parents and other family members to the area southeast of Dodge City, Kansas. There they built dugouts in a place still called Keith Canyon after the family.

This photo was taken in Keith Canyon in 1990. You can see where the dugout collapsed over time. Part of the "house" was dug into the canyon wall and then a partial roof and front were added in wood and stone.

I found this photo either at a local museum or a local history book.
It says it was taken in Keith Canyon.

Being a genealogist is like being a detective. Gathering clues here and there. Talking to people. Comparing evidence. That's what makes it so thrilling.

Do you have a story of finding some interesting things in your family history and being able to fit them together?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Sometimes I don't have an idea for a blog post so I browse through the photos I have scanned into my computer. (And always feel guilty that there are hundreds more to do.)

This one of my Mother pushing Jessica on the swing set caught my eye. This might have been an Easter Day. 

This picture of my mother (on the right) at about the same age followed. 

Jessica and her Nana had many fun times swinging, working in the garden, picking 
flowers, and having tea parties. 

When my sister became a grandmother she said she wasn't a banana and didn't want to be called grandma. So she became Granny. When my day came I became Grammy. It helps keep us all straight.