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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Memories of John Denver

My husband tuned into a show on PBS about John Denver. I was in the next room reading, or trying to read, as I was mostly listening to the music and what the people had to say about this amazing musician.

This photo is from a concert we went to at the Sundome in Sun City, Arizona. This was a benefit concert and he did the entire show by himself. It is probably one of the first major concerts our daughter attended. It was a magical night.

It feels like I grew up with John. He was popular all through most of my high school and college years. I remember visiting a friend in her apartment and "Country Roads" was playing. I remember walking along University Blvd. in Tempe and hearing his music floating from a passing car.

I remember when our daughter was in Junior Girl Scouts and my husband and I were the troop leaders. We decided as a group to be focused on the environment so I wrote a letter to John and he sent back a very nice letter and signed photo. As a troop, we did many projects to clean up the area, planting trees and helping at one of the local parks.

John touched many lives and will always be a part of mine. When I remember the things he did, hear his music and think about the things he stood for I get a warm feeling.

Is there an entertainer that touched your life in some way? Did you grow up with John Denver as we did? What memories do you have of his music?