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Monday, March 2, 2015

Lost People

When I started tracing my family history almost 40 years ago I collected everything I could. I had a set of lenses for my 35mm camera which allowed me to copy old photos and I did just that everywhere I went. Visiting distant cousins and even museums. I took photos of photos, heirlooms, Bibles and diaries. 

I tried to identify all of them but there are still a few I can't put names to. 

Like this pretty young lady.

Or this couple.

Ot this lady with her stylish dress. 

Or these children.

I do know that F. M. Steele was a prolific photographer of ranchers and farmers in Western Kansas in the late 1800s. You can learn more about him here and here.

As the years pass I am reminded over and over that I need to get the hundreds of photos identified and sorted by family name. Write what I can about these unknowns. Time periods and locations, perhaps even the families they may belong to or that they may just be friends of my ancestors. 

Recently my reminder came when we were visiting an antique store in Cottonwood, Arizona. There was a large box of family photos, most of them identified. If I were rich I would buy up all these photos and try to return them to members of their families. 

As it is the best I can do is get back to work on identifying and filing my own collections. My descendants deserve to know.