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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happiness is:

I've been working on an art journal from the Prompt 60 challenge by Daisy Yellow. I'm way behind,  but I'm still enjoying it. I'm not posting my work to the group because, well, I'm way behind.

I did Prompt 17 today which is a "list/Happiness is::
I had so much fun doing I wanted to share with my friends here.

This was especially fun because I've had a quiet morning catching up on stuff and petting my dog. I was sitting in a ray of sunshine when I started the page.

The materials I used are:

acrylic paints spread out with an old credit card
washi tape
stamps and various stamp pads

This project is going into a journal I made a year or more ago. This is the back, spine and front opened out on the scanner. I took the book apart and then made a new spine with some duck cloth. I made signatures with watercolor paper and folded them in half and then sewed them in with waxed linen thread. 
It is a long process, but I like how it turned out. 

When I make journals that take a lot of work I tend to be afraid to work in them. Not any more. I'm using all those journals and enjoying every minute of it.

Make sure to go check out Daisy Yellow's blog and the FB page. She is wonderful at sharing and uring people to use prompts. Thank you, Tammy.

What would be on your happiness list?