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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


See that? It's a real letter I received last week. I love real letters but in this day and age I don't write them and don't receive them. I think that is a real shame.

When I was in school we wrote novellas in the form of letters. I loved the feel of pen on paper. I still do and usually write in my journal to keep that going. It is therapeutic. Then I'd receive an answer. Many pages of paper folded neatly into an envelope. They felt good.

We were just writing about our day-to-day activities and thoughts. An important thing for teens although we didn't realize that at the time. Pouring our feelings out on paper which were letters to dear friends that felt safe to us. That therapy doesn't happen through a keyboard and email.

It is sad that most schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. Printing is okay but I don't believe it has the strength of flowing cursive words. This will be such a loss to our children. Besides not being able to write in cursive they won't be able to read it.

How will they read letters handed down in the family? What if I wanted to share a part of this letter with my grandson? Our ancestors fought for the right to learn to read and write and it seems we are throwing that away. Sure there are books and emails and other printed sources but it just isn't the same.

I hope when I answer this letter she will write back. I hope we can find the joy we had years ago in handwritten letters.

Who could you write a real letter to today?