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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Remember When: A Special Moment

I was watching a YouTube video by Ilene McInnes on art journaling the other day. I love to kind of zone out with these and let the inspiration soak in. As she was working on the VIDEO she was sharing her thoughts which I found quite interesting.

Our favorite actors or other performers make us smile. We enjoy their work and we watch for them because we enjoy their work.

As artists (or writers, or bakers . . .) we send our work out into the world and hope it will make somebody happy. Make them smile or touch them in some way. What a joy it would be to share our work with one of those celebrities.

One of my favorite shows is still "Little House on the Prairie." Anybody who watched Melissa Gilbert grow up as "Half-pint" fell in love with her. Her sun bonnet hanging behind her and her pigtails flying is such a classic.

I was really in to making miniatures for awhile and even sold a few items. One of my favorites to make was a sun bonnet. I read that Melissa Gilbert also collected miniatures and I really wanted to send one to her as kind of a thank you for all the smiles she brought to me.

The scale is one inch to one foot. 

During the same time period my husband and I were very involved in author, historian and celebrity events in Tombstone, Arizona. Although we worked the events we were more with the authors than the celebrities. They were kept more shielded.  

I'd come prepared with a sun bonnet and had another friend give it to her at the signing event. 

She smiled and waved at me. I was honored.

I did get my photo taken with her after the banquet that night. Here's another one I shot while she was posing with her son and and one of the author's spouses. I wish I'd waited to hand it to her myself but I didn't know if another chance would come up.

I'd met her husband at the time, Bruce Boxleitner, a few times and even had lunch with him and a couple of friends at one of the earlier events. That is him in the white hat standing behind Melissa in the photo above.

I thank Ilene for bringing up that memory and will send her a link to this post. It has me going through the large box of photos from those days and I hope to slowly get them all scanned. I will be sharing more here as time goes on.

Thank you for sharing my memory and please share any similar stories you might have.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Remember When: Owls

We finally found a day we could celebrate our anniversary. Hubby's schedule 
has been crazy and I've been under the weather.

We made up for it. 

We headed to Joe's Crab Shack in Tempe and indulged in crab stuffed 
mushrooms, clam strips and steamed snow crab. 


Then we took our new ghost hunting equipment to a local cemetery and enjoyed the beautiful weather and learned how to use the equipment. We haven't had time to analyze it all.

As we were sitting under a tree we kept hearing an owl. I walked around and 
around that tree until I finally found him. For those of  you who haven't noticed:


I have a lot of memories connected with owls. I have an aunt who has collected owls forever and her whole house is completely filled with them. I never got pictures of them but they filled the shelf under her coffee table and every other nook in the house. They were from all over the world and made of everything imaginable.

When my grandson was two they were living with us and he'd come in at night and sit on my chest and we'd sing and make animal sounds. My favorite of course was: What does an owl say? 
Who Who Who

After shooting a bunch of stills I got out the other camera and tried to video tape him. I got him looking at me and all round and staring off into the sunset but I couldn't seem to get him Who-ing.
Just as I was giving up I finally got what I wanted.

When I was in Washington this summer I tried to explain to that same grandson that I don't know anything about his video games and although I'm glad he's so good at them I'd like to talk about something else.

So he kept asking me all about owls. What their eggs look like, how big they are, what they eat, etc.
He's getting a book about owls as soon as I can find one. 

I also hope to be better prepared for his questions next year. 

Do you have any owl memories?

Oh, and I almost forgot, for about a year we had an owl that loved to sit in the eucalyptus tree in our yard. He has since disappeared but we both loved to wake up and listen to him Who-ing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remember When: Wedding Day

This photo was taken thirty-eight years ago this week. I remember a time when I didn't think I would live past 30 (a common notion in the 1960s.) Now I've lived twice that long and been married more than half of that.

We met at a disco. He had just gotten out of the Navy and I was in my senior year at ASU. So young, so many dreams.

We lived in an old rock house in south Phoenix which has since been torn down for a freeway. It was a wonderful old house with a fireplace and wooden floors. Later we bought our current house in north Phoenix and raised our daughter and a number of cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and even a horse.

Many of our dreams were put on the back burner and then eventually forgotten. We had our ups and downs but we hung in there.

Now our dreams are smaller. To watch our grandsons grow, to do a little traveling, to visit all the haunted hotels in our state. Our interests have changed sometimes growing apart and sometimes shared. We've met some amazing people and shared some stupendous experiences.

Some things never change. I still love white dress coats with black slacks. He still loves to wear flannel and we both live in jeans. Our favorite music stretches from rock (him) to New Age (me) with Western Ballads and Oldies in the middle. Even though we differ we usually have a central point where we meet.

How has your dreams and life changed? What things have stayed the same? Where does your gratitude lie?