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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Remember When: Thoughts

 Saturday was my niece's fiftieth birthday. Or it should have been. We lost her way too soon. Here's Jackie in the first four generation photo in the lap of my grandma. My mother is next to her and my sister standing. They are all gone. My niece's daughter pointed out that I am now the matriarch of the family. That was really a strange thought to me. I don't feel strong enough to live up to these women.

This post is about my niece. She was 9 years my junior and as we got older became as one. We were so close in so many ways. Through my teen and college years and her growing up years I missed a lot but as she got older we bonded in special ways.

We would talk about our memories and one of them was this planter. I loved this planter which apparently the rest of the family hated. I imagined little people climbing around the edges and going in the door. I made up stories about this house.

When Mom and I moved to Arizona she apparently gave it to my sister. I didn't know that and as an adult I bought a replacement at an antique store. There were so many memories of making up those little stories and losing myself in them.

One day Jackie and I were in Prescott and we came across another one. She told me about doing the exact same thing as she was growing up. We bought her the third version. Sometime later we were telling my sister we found one and she said, "That ugly thing? I have it. You could have had it if I'd known."

I don't know where the original is or even the third one but I still have mine on the shelf over the television.

As time went on Jackie and I found we both loved history, Reese's peanut butter cups, Pepsi, writing, and so much more. We'd spend hours watching Elvis movies and eating those peanut butter cups and drinking Pepsi. We'd laugh over the smallest things. Often only a knowing look between us would set us off.

I miss her very much, but I'm glad to have the memories and to be able to share them.

Write about a special person in your life. Or a special object that nobody else seemed to care about.