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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Remember When: Summer Casualties

That's my cousin, Lisa, in the laundry basket and Granddad Cecil who put her there. This picture is dated June 1960 but that is the developed date so it may have been a year older. I do remember this because everybody was rushing to get cameras to take a picture of Lisa in the basket. I was about seven years old. Granddad was probably reaching into his shirt pocket for a Camel cigarette.

My grandparents lived in a small Kansas town where most everybody had huge gardens and the farms rolled right up to the edge of the property. I don't remember if Grandma had a ringer washer but we did at that time. Laundry day was a big job but those sheets and pillowcases strung out in the Kansas sun smelled so fresh.

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. They lived in another town. Mom would drive me there and leave me for a few weeks and then come back and get me. I loved to explore and seldom wore shoes. I stepped on many a bee and rushed in crying to have grandma put a poultice of baking soda and water on the area to "draw the stinger out." I also had more than one run-in with red ants.

Stubbed toes were common, still are. I got a good one on the bed leg this weekend. Also splinters and other vicious pointy things. It was all part of growing up.

So was a family laugh over some little thing that would have been forgotten if somebody hadn't grabbed their camera.

Do you remember childhood injuries from going barefoot?
Do you remember a grownup doing something completely unexpected?
Do you have an old photo that needs the story to go with it for future generations?