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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Art Journal Fun

I haven't shared my art journals in awhile. In the meantime, they've taken on a whole new look. At least for now.

That is one of the wonderful things about these journals. Nothing is right or wrong. It is just how you feel at that time. I've gotten away from the layers and layers of paint, paper, stencils, tape, stamps and anything else that comes along.

I've learned and adapted this technique which I learned partly through my friend Barbara and partly through a couple of on-line classes taught by Kelly Kilmer.

Kelly calls this "painting with paper." I find this technique more restful and certainly easier to do when on the road.

Basically with a couple of magazines, bits of left over paper from other projects and some gel pens I'm ready to go. Oh, some scissors, a glue stick and a glue tape runner.

For this project I was simply working in a Canson multi-media art notebook. It has heavy paper meant for "regular" art journaling but I like the spiral binding. I've also done this in books I've stitched myself and, well, any book I like.

I put one large picture from a magazine down and then start adding stuff on top. 
A focal point, stickers, washi tape, and finally pen. 
I did these first few pages while at my daughters and soon my grandson had his spiral book out and was doing his own pages. 

You just never know when a memory will be made.

The one thing I'm carrying through this book is making a quote or saying with some plain word stickers I'd picked up at JoAnns. The page above became "life is a journey." 

This page grew out of thinking about things I like and want to do. You can see all kinds of cutouts from magazines, stamps, scrapbook papers, and some artwork. Whatever happened to be in a folder I had with me and a magazine. 
(I really like working from magazines about flea markets and thrift stores.)

This one got a bit whimsical. Mostly because it just wasn't coming together. That's okay. 
The butterfly sticker on her nose topped it all off. 

I did this page after I got home and had a little more to work with. Whimsy, fun. It came from losing some friends last month and facing a bit of my own mortality. Sad, yes. But I'm not going to let my inner child fade away with sadness. The friends I lost and certainly the friends I see now wouldn't want that. 

So gather some paper, tape, glue, stickers and anything else that strikes your fancy
and go have some fun. 

Let YOUR inner child play.