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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Travel Log: Northern Arizona

 I'm on my yearly jaunt from the desert of Arizona to the hills of Eastern Washington state. Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know I usually blog every day. This hasn't happened for various reasons. One night I stayed in a place that didn't have Internet. The next day I drove through pounding rain and was just too exhausted. Now I'm at my destination so I'm going to recap my my journey in installments . . . with lots of photos.

My first stop was at the Lake Mead visitor center north of Kingman. 
Flat Stanley was glad to get out of his pocket for a bit.

There was this great display in the visitor center.

The lake is amazing. Here's just one piece of it. 

Assorted cacti in front of the center. I passed through a Joshua Tree Forest but I didn't take the time to stop and get photos. They are really odd plants and they appear all in a clump and then just stop. There's another batch of them above Las Vegas. I drove through that city and could see some of the casinos but I didn't stop. It is all pretty dreary to me.

It started raining north of Vegas and pounded for mile after mile. It is a narrow two-lane highway without a lot of traffic. My plan was to make it to Ely for the first night but it was raining so hard I stopped in Pioche, Nevada.

Those of you who watch "Ghost Adventures" may have seen the episode filmed in that mining town. I pulled over and debated if I should stay at the Overland Motel where they had filmed an episode. Doug and I had talked about staying there sometime and I really didn't want to stay by myself but locals warned that with the bad weather the elk, horses and cattle would be migrating and the road to Ely was really dangerous.

Ghosts or pounding rain and migrating animals.

I stayed.

More of my adventures in the next installment of Travel Log.