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Monday, August 11, 2014

Travel Log: Nevada, Idaho, Oregon

After leaving Pioche I traveled on up through Nevada in to Idaho. It rained most of the way.

Flat Stanley was glad for the occasional breaks. 

I passed over the Snake River and the Powder River. The book I am reading is the journals of a guy who traveled west during the Civil War. He eventually settled in Montana. Even though it wasn't the exact same area he wrote about the Powder River and what it was like traveling by wagon.

Covered Wagon Days: From the Private Journals of Albert Jerome Dickson

I was really glad for my little car and hotels at the end of the day.

On entering Oregon I stopped at a rest stop and took a photo of this sign. 
Oregon has the best rest stops and visitor's centers. 

The scenery of northeastern Oregon isn't what you would expect. 
The view across the highway from the rest stop. 

 I also crossed the Oregon Trail. 
Then the Columbia River which never ceases to amaze me. It looks like a long lake.  

I think a lot about history and my ancestors as I drive. 
I compose articles and stories. I just hope to get them on paper. 

Tune in later for more about my travels in the West.