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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Travel Log: More in Pioche

Pioche was founded after a Mormon missionary was shown a rich vein of silver ore by the Paiute Indians. That was in 1863. More than $20 million of ore was mined from the area. 

Pioche claims a more violent history than other well-known Old West towns. 

History can be found on every corner.

Fire house built in 1864.

 The Thompson's Opera House was first built in 1873 by Aleck Brown and renamed 
Thompson's  in 1892. It was used for weekly dances for many years. 

Below is the Million Dollar Courthouse; built in 1871. Political misuse, delayed payments 
and interest payments made the original price of building explode to nearly 1 million dollars.
It was finally paid off in 1936.

Next door to the courthouse stands the Mountain View Hotel where guests stayed when court was in session. Herbert Hoover was listed as one of those guests.

It is said that 72 men died with their boots on before anyone died of natural causes. 

The more I learn about this town and its history the more fascinated I become. I can't wait to visit again.

I'm also wondering about all the other towns out there and the stories of the people who lived there. Historians and Old West enthusiasts are fascinated with Tombstone, Deadwood and others. I hope to find a way to learn and share the history of some of those "lost" stories.