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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel Log: Homeward Bound Day 1

As much as I love to travel to Washington and see the kids I'm always glad to head home. I got lots of big hugs to held me over until I get home.

Today was a beautiful day as I cruised through Washington, Oregon and Idaho. I'm just north of the border with Nevada. I took a slightly different route and the scenery was gorgeous. I didn't get any pictures because it was getting kind of dark by that time and a storm is coming in.

So I'm settled for the night.

I just talked to Hubby and the Phoenix area is flooding so I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long, wet day. Thankfully my little car handles it all well.

Again I tried to imagine what it was like to travel the Oregon Trail which I crossed a few times as I headed southeast.

I did take some photos at a rest stop in Oregon. It overlooked the Snake River at one of it's narrower points.

I also snapped some of the surrounding countryside. The mountains go on through 
the entire northeastern corner of Oregon..  

Sometimes as I topped a mountain and looked over the valley to the next rise I felt overwhelmed. 
I can't imagine those pioneers topping a mountain after using drags and ropes and chains to get up there only to have to use them to get back down and then do it over and over again. 

My family came to Oregon much later and probably had trains at least part of the way.
My husband's family came on the Oregon Trail in the 1850s and 60s. 
One of them went to the goldfields in California first and then on to Oregon and then Washington where his family finally met him. They had stayed behind in Missouri while he traveled the West.

So many amazing stories. 

Stay tuned for Homeward Bound Day 2.
(If I don't get washed away. lol)