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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Travel Log: Home Again

 Just a few photos from my three-day drive home. I left Yakima Tuesday and traveled through Oregon, Idaho and into Nevada. There was a lot of construction in Nevada and I had three long waits while flagmen kept us in line. The times did allow for photos.

I didn't plan on spending another night in Pioche but I did want to stop and see if the Lincoln County Museum was open. It was. It is stuffed full of cool stuff.

While I was in side (about 30 minutes) a storm hit with hard rain and hail. 
The thunder in the mountains was terrible. 
My poor little car was fighting to stay in place. 

So I stayed another night at the Overland Hotel.
This was my room. Isn't it lovely?

No strange experiences this time. 

I was up early and on the road. 
Finally back in Arizona.
The Joshua Tree National Forest.

And home to my Maggie.

I have a lot more to share but for now I'm unpacking, playing catch-up and resting.