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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Travel Log: Goldendale, Washington

 Jessica and I are in Goldendale, Washington for the weekend. We have seen some beautiful things,
such as the Yakima River.

The Presby Mansion and historical society museum.

I did NOT go up the three stories of stairs. I stayed on the ground floor and did some research while Jessica mounted the stairs and took some photos. 

I learned some more about the Martin and Beeks families who settled in this area.

Dinner at an old saloon. Fantastic hamburger.

Then we walked around Main Street and found some really odd things like a 
plastic gorilla and a playing card stuck to the side of a building.

And a thrift store. 

The sign says "Chester drawers w/single bed  . . ."
And some teens in the back who found some old matches in a box and thought it would be fun to light them. 

Tomorrow we head for the old family cemetery and then back up to Yakima.

Stay tuned.