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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remember When: Family History

There are as many reasons for starting the search in family history as there are  . . . well, genealogists.

Actually, many start for the same reason I did. They didn't know one or both parents or didn't have a chance to know other family members. I started my quest to learn about my dad but it didn't take long for me to get the genealogy "bug" and search for all my ancestors. 

I have file drawers full of documents and copies of photos. I've tried to get it all in the computer 
but I have had a couple of computer crashes and then got side-tracked. 

Along the way I have found cousins: first, second, third and more, along with those many times removed. 

This is a photo of my dad's family. I don't remember ever meeting any of them except the lady on the far right, my great Aunt Nell. I think that is my dad in the back row, fourth from the right, his head poking up above everyone else.

I do know that is my great grandmother in the wheelchair and her husband seated to her left. That may be my grandfather in the hat and grandmother to his right. Not sure though. 

This photo is much later. There's my dad front row, second from the left. 
He is the handsome one holding the little girl in the bonnet: my sister.

This is my cousin, Linda, who I met a couple of weeks ago 
when she came to Arizona for a wedding. 

Linda is on the left. We had a great time sitting over tea at Starbucks 
talking and talking as if we'd been friends our whole lives. 

She remembers seeing me when I was tiny. She talked about my dad having a beautiful bass voice. He stayed with her family for awhile after he and my mother split up. 

Have you started your own genealogy? What interests you about the search?
Have you found some unexpected relatives? Have you been able to meet any of them?