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Sunday, August 3, 2014

On The Road Again: Almost

Getting ready for another trip to Washington State. I have my travel journal with "Flat Stanley" all tucked in.

 For those who don't know "Flat Stanley" is from a series of children's books. Some of the books come with a "Flat Stanley" for children to take on their travels. He is flat because a bulletin board fell on him. Now he mails himself or slips through crevices to solve mysteries and help those in need. "Flat Stanley" is a part of our travels whether or not we are going to visit grand kids.
I'm watching the weather to decide which route to take. Up through Flagstaff, Salt Lake City, Boise, Pendleton, and in to Washington or
up through Kingman, Las Vegas, Twin Falls, Boise, Pendleton and in to Washington. 
Both routes have advantages and disadvantages so the deciding factor will be the weather.

Packing is always an interesting chore. I try to pack light but I have to have my writing stuff, my art stuff, my essential oils, pillows and some clothes.

I was reading a fellow art journaler's blog and she was headed across the desert and didn't want her paints to dry out so she decided to put them in ice chests. although I only carry a small watercolor set I thought something thermal was a great idea.

While browsing the back-to-school aisles I found this lunch bag and it is perfect.

 I even use it when I meet my art buddy at the local coffee shop for our afternoon art dates. It holds A LOT.

If you are like me you love to see what other people haul around so here's a brief list of some of my favorite things: the purple cutting board (along with a small exact-o knife), a tin of water soluble crayons, a glue stick, a glue pen, a glue tape runner, gel pens, small scissors, white Pitt pen marker, some stencils, washi tape, my watercolor paint kit, micron pens in different sizes and colors, a small drawing pad, a couple of graphite pencils, a charcoal pencil, sharpener, erasers, rags, baby wipes, a small bottle of water, water brushes, and a bag with collage papers and stickers and such.

I love this little bag and I don't have to worry if I have to leave it in the trunk of my car for awhile. I haven't even needed to actually put ice packs in it but I haven't let it set for hours on end.

Starting this week join me on my travels and learn a bit about the western part of the United States.