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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Remember When: Proud Moments

Sometimes when I sit down to write a post I know what I want to write about. Other times I browse through my seemingly endless files of photographs to find something inspiring.

Next week I head to Washington state to visit with my daughter and her family. 
She called this morning to tell me about something the grandsons had done that made 
her really proud, so when I came across these photos of her it seemed appropriate to share 
a few of my proud moments. 


The photo above is my husband and daughter on a camping trip into the 
White Mountains of northern Arizona. 
I don't remember how long a hike it is but we made it many times. It is a wilderness 
area so we have to carry everything in, and out. She was always proud to keep up with her 
dad and we all have many special memories.

Somewhat older she was in a community dog show with our dog, Duchess. 

I think they won a red ribbon but I'm not sure. She had to talk about what she 
did to take care of her dog and walk her around among a lot of other kids and dogs. 
They both did very well.

It was probably about the same time that she became a Brownie and followed Girl Scouts 
on up until she earned her Silver Award. I was the troop leader for many years first as an 
assistant and later as the main leader. 

For her Silver Award she assisted me in running a Daisy (Kindergarten age girls) troop.
 As we "bridged" the girls to Brownies I was proud to pin Jessica with her Silver Award.

Jessica began taking band in elementary school. She played the flute and later the piccolo. 
She stayed with it through middle school and in to high school where she earned her letter.

Yes there were tough times as she was growing up but we shared many things 
including pride in everything she did. 

Now she's passing on that pride to her sons and still making her dad and I proud of her.

What are some things in your life that you are especially proud of? 
What about your children and/or grandchildren? 

I'll be doing my annual travel blog as I make my way to Washington next week. 
Stay tuned, you never know what I'll come across.