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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Remember When: Outfits

Every Monday I meet with a writing partner at the local Barnes & Noble. We order our tea and chat a bit but then it is time to write. 

I often work on my blogs and then branch out to writing my western history articles, memoirs, or whatever project is currently taking space in my computer bag.

Sometimes I stare off into space. Thankfully, Michele, knows that means I'm thinking and she doesn't ask me if I'm okay or whatever. She has her moments of staring off into space too. 

I was watching a little girl walk by with her mother and perhaps her grandmother. She had on a cute little outfit. It made me think of the days when I picked cute little outfits for my own daughter. 

This was one of my favorites:
Usually I notice little kids with bright purple pants and green shirts or whatever. Obviously chosen by themselves. Of course there's nothing wrong with that; kids need to learn to make decisions but I thought the little girl this morning was so cute. I kept picturing the scene:

Little girl ate her breakfast and maybe watched "Sesame Street." Then it was time to get ready to go shopping with grandma. Her mother took  her in her room where all her clothes are neatly folded or hung up and pulls out this top and shorts in a bright salmon color. Maybe she considered a blue outfit but the little girl wanted the brighter colors. She helped her daughter dress and find her little white sandals. They arrived at the bookstore where I noticed the salmon outfit. They headed straight back to the children's section.

There are stories, and memories, everywhere. We just need to take the time to pay attention and then think about them.

Do you remember a favorite outfit from when you were little? Or perhaps when your children were little? Did you choose them yourself or get help? Were you flamboyant or just didn't care? Or perhaps you were one of those children who didn't want to wear clothes, ever. (Michele pointed out earlier this is National Nudist Day.)

Write about those outfits and if you have pictures add copies to your journal.