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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remember When: Costumes

 For about ten years my husband and I were very involved in Old West history events around southern Arizona. As the years went on we added authenticity and details to our costumes. My first dress was adapted from a prom or wedding attendant dress from a thrift store. Doug had his basic black gambler costume.

A friend helped me make this one. I love it, complete with a small bustle. 

I started coming up with more day-time easy to wear costumes like this simple skirt and blouse that I wore for a filming in Tombstone.

Doug went less formal (and cooler) too. This jacket isn't actually a costume but it was my sisters and I'm so proud of it. 

The final edition was this black satin with bustle and layers of ruffles. I bought the hat from a lady in Tombstone. I also had gloves, shawl and a parasol.

We still occasionally do events where we can wear our costumes but for the most part they stay in the closet. That was a fun few years with enough memories for a life-time.

Have you ever been involved in an activity that took you away from the normal every day life for awhile? When we were in Willcox or Tombstone it was like being in another world. Most of our friends dressed in costume and character. 

Here's a few of our friends: